FR256 Forensic Workstation

With so much more workload being put on systems the FR256 can now offer the next level of Forensic Workstation to our clients. It offers an upgrade to our ever popular FR128 system with double the memory, higher specification processors and enlarged storage capacity

FR256 specification

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold CPU
  • 256 GB DDR4 ECC Registered memory
  • 24TB Data Storage
  • 800 GB Solid-State Drive array
  • RAID Controller for data reliability
  • AMD* or Nvidia* Graphics Card
  • Dual 27” iiyama* monitors
  • Microsoft* Windows 10 Professional
  • Microsoft* Office 2021
  • Tableau Writeblocker* T356789iu

Why buy the FR256 Workstation?

  • As a direct upgrade from the FR128 it maintains full FTK5* and Encase Forensic* compatibility
  • Still custom built to your needs but with a higher base than our FR128 system
  • Brings system performance levels to new heights with even faster memory, storage and graphics options

Customised solutions for your business.

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