Laptops have gradually become the main requirement of many businesses as the traditional sit-down desk environment continues to change.

Laptops allow employees to work remotely and also offer flexibility in desk use, the meeting place environment and a company’s ergonomic strategy.

Whilst not necessarily a replacement for traditional desktop systems laptops now offer a good alternative for all companies who have limited desk space, a mobile workforce or where a desktop is impractical.

Here at Continental we have links to all major laptop manufacturers and we are able to supply almost any product available in the UK market.

As with all our other systems we can also offer custom specification laptops via upgrades to off-the-shelf products.

We are able to supply all kinds of laptop accessories too. From a humble USB Cable to docking stations to wireless and mobile data communications facilities and cloud storage and online collaboration products like Microsoft 365*.

Our technical team have many years of experience with all kinds of Microsoft, Apple and Linux based laptop products. We can fix broken screens, faulty keyboards, wireless connection issues, data storage issues and much more.

So if you are looking to make the change to using laptops, or just need help with the ones you have, feel free to contact our team, they will be happy to discuss any situation.

Customised solutions for your business.

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