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There are many hard drive/HDD upgrade paths you can follow. If you want to increase your storage capacity then we can replace your current system disks with larger drives or add another one. If you would like to increase system speed then we can replace your system drive with a solid state drive (SSD). Alternaively we can add extra drives to your computer for data redundancy.



With Windows 10 fast approaching we are here offering an upgrade service for you. We will upgrade your system to Windows 10 after confirming it can be upgraded without losing any data. If you don't want to jump straight to Windows 10 we can also upgrade you to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.



Alongside the upgrades of operating system we offer a service where we will install and/or update applications for you. For example we can upgrade Microsoft Office.



Is your laptop running slow? 

We can replace your hard drive with the latest SSD drive or return your system to its original factory settings.

We can repair a broken screen, provide a new keyboard, extra memory and CD/DVD drive replacements. 


We are able to upgrade the processor  on some systems. This is highly dependant on the motherboard, power supply and heatsink currently fitted in the system.


On rare occasions we can upgrade a motherboard for a system using all pre-existing components.


Graphics card or graphics processing unit (GPU). We carry stock of many cards to upgrade your existing system.


We can upgrade or replace the power supply in your PC. It can be changed to a standard PSU, hybrid modular or full modular.


We can improve cooling of your current system by moving it into a new case.

We can also change the case or fans purely for cosmetic reasons.

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