Continental Store


Our team of certified technicians can repair many devices and get them back to working order.

Quite often a replacement part is more cost effective, but don't bin it without getting in touch first! 



Failed hard disk drives are a fairly common problem. We can replace them and restore or rebuild your system to working order. We can also run a factory level diagnostic to check the drive for errors.



Various components in a computer can go wrong. If they do we can try to replace them for you, whether it be a faulty motherboard, graphics card or power supply. We carry most items in stock and can also source replacements.



As this is a low cost item, we tend to replace with new as required as repairing is not cost effective.



Do you have a damaged laptop screen? Do you want to keep your laptop running a little longer? Then let us have a look and see if we can replace the screen for you.


One of the most common laptop repairs we do for customers is replacing or fixing keyboards. Other parts of your laptop may also be replaceable.