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Computer Component Sourcing

We sell every type of computer component from a single cable right through to mutli-terrabyte storage arrays.

Back in 1987 we started sourcing computer components out of Taipei, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The early days of sourcing computer hardware were great fun as the hardware industry was in its infancy and negotiating deals was new to everyone. Yes, the price of a basic PC was in excess of £3000 and all it had was a floppy disk and 640k of memory!

Although the majority of our stock is now purchased from within the EU, we still maintain strong contacts in the United States and the Far East. Specialist computer chassis such as our “lunchbox” with its three screens and high end processing and graphics comes from China. All of the internal components are sourced within the EU and the US.

Systems built for the clients such as the MOD all have their roots back in Taiwan where we manufacture specialist cases to suit the exacting requirements of their computing needs.

Some of the items we sell more frequently are available on our ecommerce website for any other item please get in touch.