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Ultra compact and built for everything

Front view of forensic system

4-inches by 4-inches of awesomeness


DDR3L 1600MHz


upto 1Tb

running at 500Mb/s

read and write

Intel i7

5557U @ 3.4Ghz

running at 28W

Front of forensic workstation

The Intel NUC is an ultra-compact form factor PC suited to many tasks; educational, digital jukebox, streaming machine or gaming PC. 

The model specification above is ideally suited to gaming and other CPU intensive activities. Lower specification and lower priced NUCs are ideal for education or home media streaming systems.

This tiny system is understated but very capable. Browse social media, check email, video chat and run business applications all whilst using a tiny amount of space on your desk, VESA mounted behind your monitor or in a digital kiosk.

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Incredibly Small

The NUC is incredibly small, well designed and beautifully crafted by Intel.

Top of the forensic system

Unrivalled Support

1 - Year


When you make a decision about what sort of system you're after you can get in touch with someone who knows the perfect solution to provide you with. What's more you get a 1-year limited warranty with every new NUC your order.  

Ready to go straight out of the box.

As standard your new, bespoke NUC will come with all the latest Windows updates pre-installed, as well as all the required drivers and any software which you purchase with your system.

Front view of forensic system
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