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FR128 Forensic

We build quality, reliable bespoke forensic computer systems for our clients and the FR128 specification has become a de facto standard.

Front view of forensic system

We undertake the design of military & specialist forensic computers from your specifications and deliver a complete solution.

Forensic systems require a very high level of processing power backed up by large amounts of system memory. Designing and building such systems requires in-depth knowledge of the type of applications that will be used to stretch the ability of the best computers.

Over the last 29 years we have worked alongside forensic investigators in various police forces, businesses and government. They have helped us learn exactly how forensic systems are used. In partnership with our clients we have come to know the applications and requirements of forensic computing and have provided a vast array of different systems and configurations for use in the industry.

FR128 specification

  • Dual Intel Xeon Ten Core 2.8Ghz CPU
  • 128Gb DDR3 ECC Reg memory
  • 16Tb DATA storage
  • 800Gb SSD array
  • Dual 27” monitors
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Tableau Writeblocker T35689iu

Why buy the FR128 Workstation?

  • It's specifically built for FTK5 and Encase Forensic
  • Proven track record for over 14 years
  • Custom built to meet budget or a specific case requirement
  • Robust and reliable enterprise platform using the latest technology
  • Runs FTK5, Encase Forensic software and other applications simultaneously
  • Dramatically reduces processing time to meet urgent remand deadlines
  • Allows fast indexing whilst viewing cases without affecting the systems performance
  • Comes fully tested and ready to run

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