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Forensic Workstations

Over 30 years of experience in building systems to exact specification leads to a bespoke solution suited to you.

Front view of forensic system
FR64 Forensic Workstation

Built from your specifications, the upgradable FR64 Forensic Workstation is a brilliant base to start from, providing ample space for expansion of processing power, memory and storage.

FR128 Forensic Workstation

The FR128 Forensic Workstation specification has become a de facto standard for many of our clients. With a dual processor system board capable of taking 1TB of RAM, this system can be expanded to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

FR512 Forensic Workstation

Get true processing power and full use of 512GB of RAM with the FR512 Forensic Workstation. Expandable to 1TB of memory and supplied with two processors of your choice, this system will meet the needs of any forensic analyst.

Unapologetically Powerful


DDR4 2800MHz



7,200RPM 6 GBP/s



Intel Xeon 2.6GHz


Front of forensic workstation

Forensic workstations require high levels of processing power backed up by large amounts of system memory. Designing and building such systems requires in-depth knowledge of the type of applications that will be used to stretch the ability of the best workstations. Based on your requirements, we  know exactly what level of processing power you will need from your forensic workstation. Our 28 years of experience in building systems to exact specification leads to a bespoke solution suited to you.

For the most demanding forensic needs we pack the system with RAM (Random Access Memory), using high-speed, durable memory modules.

You may need lots of storage, and lots of storage we can provide - all contained within one central unit. You needn’t worry about setting up multiple RAID configurations, we’ll do all that!

Having made sure everything else is as powerful as can be, the processing cores determine the fundamental processing capabilities that these workstations can deliver. We integrate up to 28 high-speed, server-grade processing cores to make forensic processing super fast.

Beautifully Designed.

Sometimes design is the final selling point of any computer system. Although we concentrate on what’s inside, what’s on the outside is just as important. Enclosed as standard in a Corsair 900D Obsidian Series case, you can be sure that your Continental bespoke forensic computer system sets the standard in comparision to any system you’ve ever used before.

Top of the forensic system

Ready to go straight out the box.

As standard your new, bespoke forensic workstation will come with all the latest Windows updates pre-installed, as well as all the required drivers and any software which you purchase with your system.

forensic workstation
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