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What anti-virus software should I be using?

avast! is what you should be using, both the paid and free versions are good products depending on what your requirements and budget are.

How did we decide on the best anti-virus?

We have been using avast! for some time at Continental Ltd and have found it to be very reliable.  We don’t just settle on experience however, we keep an eye on what the reports say too. The av-comparatives organisation create reports each month on performance and reliability.  avast! currently holds the top spot for least impactful on the system and holds its own well in real world testing.

How do I setup anti-virus on my computer?

You can go to avast! and download the free version and follow the wizard or you can take the easy route if you don't want the hassle - we can setup and install avast! on your system today.  Just give us a call on 01452 855 222 today and arrange an appointment for your computer.

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