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How do I clean my computer system?

Bring your computer system into Continental Ltd and we will give it the clean it deserves!

We quite often find that computer system problems are due to the fans and air vents being clogged with dust.

Clients frequently book their systems in with us, but rarely do they book solely for a system clean. Unknowingly, their system problems are often due to a build-up of dust, causing the fans to stop spinning, in turn the system overheats and components fail.


Cleaning a system periodically, ensures the airflow is unobstructed, which allows your PC to run more efficiently. If your system operates at a cooler, stable temperature, this will prolong the life of your computer system.


The above photos show the ‘before and after’ results of a Continental system clean. Using our experience and expertise, we ensure your system is cleaned throughout without damaging any of the sensitive electronic components.

If you would like to book your system in for a clean or any maintenance work, then please feel free to give us a call 01452 855 222 or email

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